A few stores do carry our products and we would be happy if you would visit them and purchase.  (Most of these places have facebook pages.)  You may contact me with any questions, maybe you are wondering if a location may have a particular item you are looking for.

*Cornerstone Apothecary, Van Horne, Iowa

*Dan & Debbie's Creamery, 1600 Main Street, Ely, Iowa

*Henkle Creek Mercantile, Vinton, Iowa

*Stringtown Grocery, 2266 540th St SW, Kalona, Iowa

If you know of any store that may be interested in carrying our products, let us know, we would greatly appreciate it!

PICK UP / DELIVERY ~ If you live in the Van Horne/Cedar Rapids/Iowa City area, we could possibly setup a time to meet for delivery.  Use code PICKUP during checkout for no shipping fees.  Just contact us at cindifry@gmail.com.

And of course, you are welcome to visit us at our little farm outside Van Horne, just contact us first :)