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Luxury 8oz Soy Candles

$24.00 - $26.00
Luxury 8oz Soy Candles

Elegant, luxury soy wooden wick candles! I'm in love with these amazing jars!

"Gingerbread Latte" with holiday scents of ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg topped with sugar and rich vanilla mixed with hazelnut, cream and coffee.

"Apple Harvest Time" with bright fruit notes of apple & orange peel, a dash of spices including cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and topped off with a dash of vanilla for a hint of sweetness. Yum!

"Candy Cane Marshmallow" Delicious notes of candied peppermint blends with whipped marshmallow, vanilla bean and sugar crystals.

We love our Soy Wooden Wick Candles and it is important to us that the soy wax is sourced from America's farmers!

Soy candles burn a long time and our wooden wicks make a soft crackling sound much like a fireplace, very relaxing.

Be sure to trim your wicks to 1/4" before each burn. I simply break off what is loose. It will not burn correctly with to much or to little wick exposed. Burn the candle across the entire top surface before extinguishing.

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