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Laundry Soap - 32 oz

Laundry Soap - 32 oz

Goat Milk Laundry Soap, we love it! Our laundry soap cleans great, smells wonderful and only a small amount is needed per load :) No fillers, dyes, phthalates... only the good stuff that's needed to clean.

Gentle and mild enough for sensitive skin and babies. I recommend the Pure & Simple, unscented for babies.

Use 1 TBL for standard washers and 1/2 TBL for HE washers. Tablespoon scoop is included.

Washes around 58 standard or 116 HE loads.

Contains sodium carbonate, sodium tetraborate, coconut oil, farm fresh goat milk, sodium hydroxide, fragrance and/or essential oils, kaolin clay.

Scents may change and vary at times. Make sure to let us know your favorites!

Larger 96oz size available on request.