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The Goat Box Monthly Subscription

$0.50 - $372.00
The Goat Box Monthly Subscription

The Goat Box monthly subscription, rotates what you receive each month.

In Jan, April, July, October you will receive a goat milk soap and a 4.5 oz goat milk lotion, etc...
In February, May, August, November you will receive a goat milk soap and a wooden wick (or hemp wick) soy tin candle.
In March, June, September, December you will receive a goat milk soap and some other bath treats such as bath milk, bubble bath truffle, lip butter, lip pocket...

Also available with this subscription is the ability to add any additional products to your monthly shipment by placing an order by the 1st of the month with NO extra shipping fees! A specials code will be emailed to you to use for this purpose.

You are able to order this subscription box for 3 months, 6 months or 12 months, which makes it great for you and also for gift giving!

Step 1- Join by adding this item to your cart and checking out providing your email and address (50 cent fee unless you pay in full). And then follow up with step 2.

Step 2- You will be emailed details AND a second email will come on the 9th of the month from Square for the Invoice amount of $31 (plus tax, this includes shipping), once the invoice is PAID online AND you CHECK the box "I authorize Lily's Country Soaps ~ Cindi Fry to store and charge this card for future purchases as agreed until I cancel this authorization.", you are officially subscribed. For 3, 6 or 12 months you will be charged through Square on the 9th of each month and your package will be mailed. *If paying in full you will receive an email from me but you will not receive an invoice email from Square.

*Some addresses require extra shipping, if this applies to you your invoice will reflect the change. If paying in full, you will be emailed if extra shipping is needed.

If you want to purchase multiple sets for different addresses, add this item to your cart multiple times (include both names/addresses).

First shipment will be around the 10th of the month, so if you signed up after this date, your first shipment will be the following month.

Email me at [email protected] with any questions or input.

Pricing is subject to change with notification.

*Pick up option is available if you want to pick up your box each month let me know and you can save on shipping.

*If this is a gift and you would like a special email sent, let us know :)